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In short, we are a new kind of bridal fashion store. This concept does not exist in this form anywhere in the world yet. We do not work with an existing assortment, but change our dresses and collections every few weeks. The dresses that are available in our pop up store come directly from the catwalks and fairs of the fashion capitals of the world and are in most cases not yet available anywhere - except in our pop up store in Munich. There are always only one or two brands at a time, but the entire collection - so all the latest clothes of the brand. More info here.

Yes - Absolutely! But maybe not at every moment! The Pop Up Store is perfect for the bride who knows what she wants! Check out the homepage for the current brand and the future brands, and just see when we have the designers in the house whose dresses appeal to you the most. At the Pop Up Store, there is only one style per time period. So, it's rather difficult to orient yourself here whether you prefer to get married in boho style or as a glitter princess, since you can't try both at the same time here. Additionally, at the Pop Up Store you can only ever order the dresses!!! We can't sell you a dress and we can't rent you a dress. So if you are getting married very spontaneously and really only have very few weeks left until the wedding, or if you are quite unsure which style of wedding dresses you like best, then you should start your dress search at www.whitesilhouette.de.

Both stores belong to the owner Fan Xia, but they do not belong together but form two separate bridal fashion stores with completely different concepts. Of course you can visit both stores (we highly recommend you to do so), but you will need two different appointments, one in each store. There is no possibility to visit both stores in one appointment.

What is the difference between our two bridal stores in Munich? White Silhouette has been around for 10 years now - and will stay that way. Classic wedding dress shopping, beautiful wedding dresses from many different designers in all styles can be found there at any time. The Bridal PopUp Store is something completely new and also something completely different! It actually works like a PopUp Store, even though it has a permanent location. But the wedding dresses and brands we sell there have the typical "PopUp Store" character, because they are only available for a short time.

The delivery times are quite different from designer to designer (2-7 months). Therefore, feel free to check with the current brand or future brands about the individual delivery times.

The prices of wedding dresses are quite different from designer to designer and vary greatly from period to period. Therefore, feel free to check with the current brand or future brands about the price ranks of each designer.

The different designers provide us with very different clothing sizes to try on. Some collections are still so new that only the prototypes or shooting models exist. These dresses are then of course cut accordingly somewhat smaller. Therefore, please contact the current brand or the future brands for information about the available clothing sizes. By the way, this is only about the fitting models. Each dress can be ordered in any size.'

In this respect, the Bridal Pop Up Store is hardly different from other bridal fashion stores. Each appointment lasts 90 minutes. You and your companions will be warmly welcomed by our team and then allowed to take a seat in your private separee. After a preliminary conversation, the bride and her personal consultant will choose the dresses in the showroom, which will then be tried on in the private room and presented to the escorts. You don't have to be afraid that you will miss or overlook a dress, our competent consultants know every single dress in the store and will of course not withhold anything from you. Here you can really put your full trust in us. Of course, as a bride you can also browse through the dresses yourself!

You are very welcome to bring a maximum of 4 escorts (bride+4).

Yes, please be sure to make an appointment for a fitting. Of course, you can easily do this online. Book an appointment now.

Of course, it's no problem at all if you can't decide at the first appointment. Depending on how long you wait, you always have the option to make a second appointment and try on your favorite dress(es) again. Of course, this only works if we still have the label in house at that time. If this is not the case, then you can still order the dress at any time, but you cannot try it on again.

If you have decided on your dream dress, then we conclude a contract of sale and order your dress. Therefore, you pay the full purchase price directly at the conclusion of the contract. You can pay cash or with your debit or credit card.

The wedding dresses and therefore the brands are constantly changing at the Bridal Pop Up Store.

Some dresses are with us 2-3 months, other dresses only a few weeks. You can find the current brand here, and you can see the upcoming brands here.

Of course, for the real bridal feeling, we have a few veils and hair accessories here in the store. However, for the accessory fitting, you will have a separate appointment at our partner store White Silhouette once your purchased wedding dress has been delivered. The initial appointment (i.e. the wedding dress fitting at the Bridal Pop Up Store) is really all about the wedding dress.

Yes, of course. Just contact us by phone or e-mail and we will surely find a free shooting date for you! In addition, you will receive exclusive benefits when participating in the show "Between Tulle and Tears", which you should not miss.

Be there with your heart - not with your cell phone!
Photos during the consultation are not allowed. We also ask you to refrain from secretly taking photos and videos! We promise you: no bride has ever decided for or against a dress based on a cell phone photo!

You can use the parking spaces directly in front of the store or park directly on the street. In the side streets around the store there are also numerous parking spaces on the street.

For the consultation, we charge a consulting fee of 25.00 euros for the initial consultation. Of course, this fee will be charged 100% at the time of purchase - by the way, even if you can't decide right away at the first appointment! If you come to a second appointment to buy one of your favorite dresses in the period of the same label, the consultation fee will also be charged at 100%.

You do not need to bring anything special to the appointment, you also do not need shoes or special underwear. A light/skin colored panty is an advantage but not mandatory. It's best to read up a bit about the dresses and the designer you've booked the appointment with before your appointment, so you already know a bit about what to expect.

Every wedding dress needs to be fitted. On your big day, everything really has to fit perfectly. That's why you have a tailor's appointment after the dress is delivered. There, for example, the length is shortened and all other adjustments are made. Some designers offer the possibility to change the dress individually when ordering. IMPORTANT: These changes are then "design changes" and do not save you the finefitting at the tailor. In the design change you can change, for example, neckline shapes, colors, materials and lace. These design changes are usually always associated with an additional charge.